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what's in a name? When I moved to Delaware in July 2009, a lot of things changed.

While we lived in New York, I'd been invoicing my freelancing under the "house" consulting firm, Troika Systems, which Mike and I both used for computer work. But we moved to Delaware specifically for Mike to take a salaried position, which made it pointless for him to register Troika in Delaware.
I had no real attachment to the Troika name--that was something Mike had registered before we were married. So I needed to find a new d/b/a for my freelancing.

I went looking within the worlds of Fantasy and Science Fiction for a name, and finally settled on Until Midnight as a homage to one of my favorite writers, Jack L. Chalker, gone too soon and missed very much.

For those unfamiliar with Jack's works (there are many to enjoy and I recommend them highly!), my first encounter with his writing was The Saga of the Well World. All though the books, various cultures (and the Well World has a *lot* of cultures) include legends that end the same way: "Until Midnight at the Well of Souls." I first read the series while I was in college, and later proofread them when Baen reissued the five books in the original series. I love them every time I read them. I own all of his books, many of them signed, and I've enjoyed every one of them. So, Until Midnight is a small way to remember Jack L. Chalker.

cover art for Midnight at the Well of Souls cover art for Exiles at the Well of Souls cover art for Quest for the Well of Souls cover art for The Return of Nathan Brazil cover art for Twilight at the Well of Souls

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The Until Midnight logo was created by noted artist and illustrator Hannah M.G. Shapero.

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