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Show Flyers
by Until Midnight
Fee Policy

Since I began doing websites, I have done online show flyers for the cat fancy virtually* free of charge, for many clubs across North America, whether or not I was a club member. My sole motivation was to support the Fancy and the clubs, many of whom are operating on a shoestring. Now we can all see how many entries are generated by having an online flyer--we can't put on a show without it! When I started, it wasn't so obvious, but I was certain I was helping those clubs get more entries they might not have gotten otherwise.

Occasionally, I have been paid--a particularly solvent club actually insisted on giving me cash money once. Sometimes I'm offered an ad in the catalog or even an entry in the show (if it's local).

But mostly not.

All I ask is that you're polite about it, and appreciate that I'm expending time and effort for your club, to make your show better, and to help get entries. And that you say thank you and give me a credit in the catalog.
*A website or webmaster credit in the catalog costs the club almost nothing, but it's nice to be recognized for your efforts.

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