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in conjunction with
Gold Coast Feline Fanciers
and under the auspices of the Reading Pet Expo

St Patrick's Feline Follies
TICA Logo 20 & 21 March 2010

Greater Reading Expo Center
Reading, PA
Saturday Judges

Frances Yow AB

Carol Barton
Elektra Hammond AB
Michael Hammond AB
John Creech SP
Jay Bangle SP
Sunday Judges

Marilyne Gregg-Dombroskie AB
Carol Barton SP
Alberto Leal AB
Paul Lahey AB
Lisa Dickie AB
Philippa Holmes SP
~~* Veterans' Ring *~~

Featuring a veterans' "fun" ring for championship cats and alters aged seven and older, to be judged in multiple rings [cats and alters will be judged together].
Entry Clerk:
Cheryl Leigh Chamberlin
1512 Berkeley Place
Willow Grove, PA 19090
(215) 738-3767 [no calls after 9pm]
pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
Show Manager:
Mike Hammond
(607) 279-6048
Show Manager/Vendors:
Donna Cipley
(516) 735-1670
To pay via PayPal to:

Final Closing Date
15 March 2010 -or- when FULL

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SHOW HALL: Greater Reading Expo Center, 2525 North 12th Street, Reading, PA 19605. (610) 898-9900. Fax (610) 898-8502.

SHOW HOTELS: The Inn at Reading, 1040 North Park Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610, 610-372-7811. Hotel block expires March 6th. Rate is $89/night + $20 pet fee (per stay). Mention the pet expo to get this rate.
Econolodge, 635 Spring Street, Wyomissing, PA 19610. 610-378-5105. Rate is $74.99 + $10 pet fee per night. Limit of one pet per room!
Cats of the Endless Hills has elected to use the Hotel Room Inspection Procedures for exhibitors who lodge at the Show Hotels using the club's group booking. Entry in this show, and lodging at the Show Hotels using the club's group booking, shall constitute an acknowledgment by and consent of the exhibitor to these procedures. Full details of the TICA Hotel Policy may be found in Standing Rule 903.7.1 or here.

AIRPORT: Nearest airports are Lehigh Valley International Airport aka Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton (ABE) [approximately 42 miles away] and Philadelphia (PHL) [approximately 70 miles away].

VETERANS' RING: A "fun" ring for championship cats and alters aged seven and older, to be judged in multiple rings [cats and alters will be judged together]. If enough veteran entries are received in either the championship and/or the alter class for a congress to count, a single congress ring will be licensed and judged by the senior allbreed judge.

SHOW TIMES: Check-in is 8:30am to 9:30am Saturday, 8:00am to 8:30am Sunday. Judging will start at 10:00am Saturday and 9:00am Sunday. Posted Hours are 10:00am to 5:00pm Saturday, 9:00am to 4:00pm Sunday. All cats must remain in the show hall during scheduled show hours unless permission to leave is obtained from show management. Leaving the show hall early without permission may result in loss of finals. There will be an extensive pet expo going on in the rest of the hall throughout the weekend.

REGISTRATION: Pedigreed cats and household pets may be shown in TICA with a pending registration number. Points may be claimed after the registration number is assigned, but only for the first show where the cat didn't have a registration number in the catalog. Subsequent shows without a registration number will not be scored. ALL Provisional New Breed, Advanced New Breed and New Trait entries must be TICA registered to be shown.

ELIGIBILITY: All kittens entered for competition must be at least 4 but less than 8 calendar months old on the day of the show. Kittens may be spayed or neutered. All kittens for sale must be at least 3 calendar months old. Household pets over 8 months MUST be spayed or neutered. No kitten/cat may be placed underneath the benching area. No kitten/cat may be left in the show hall overnight.

SUPPLIES: Litter will be provided. Please bring your own litter pans, cat food, feeding and water dishes, and cage curtains.

CAGES: Cages are approximately 22" x 22" x 22" for a single cage and 22" x 44" x 22" for a double. The top, sides and back MUST be covered.

BENCHING: All exhibitors will have assigned benching. Benching requests MUST be clearly indicated on the summary sheets, and we will try to accommodate all requests. No benching assignments may be changed without permission of show management.
There will be no vending from the benching area. Vendors must purchase a vending space. Information on vending may be obtained from Donna Cipley.

FOOD: There is people food available in the show hall.

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: This is a non-vetted show. However, all entries should be inoculated against feline enteritis, feline rhinotracheitis and calici virus and should test negative for feline leukemia and feline aids. All claws, front and back, must be clipped before judging. Any cat or kitten from a house or cattery where there has been fungus or any contagious illness within 21 days before the opening date of the show is ineligible for entry and/or exhibition. Cats showing any evidence of fleas, mites, fungus or any illness will be removed from the show hall. In the case of disqualification by a veterinarian, the TICA rules state that all other entries owned or agented by the responsible exhibitor shall also forfeit their place and be removed from the show as well. Any cat that is obviously pregnant or lactating will be disqualified. Declawed cats ARE eligible for entry. HHP adults must be neutered. Please bring your rabies certificates!

CLERKS/STEWARDS: See the summary sheet. Clerks and stewards will be paid at the conclusion of the show day. Assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not deduct clerking fees from the show entry fee or other show fees. All clerks will be paid $35 per day, regardless of their status in the clerking program. All clerking assignments are at the discretion of the show management.

AWARDS: Rosettes will be awarded according to TICA Show Rules.

SHOW RULES: This cat show is sanctioned by The International Cat Association and is subject to their Show Rules and Breed Standards (available from the TICA Executive Office, P.O. Box 2684, Harlingen, TX 78551, or posted on the TICA website). By entering, all exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the Show Committee and Judges.

LIABILITY: Cats of the Endless Hills, TICA, The Greater Reading Expo Center, The Inn at Reading or the Econolodge will be held harmless for any damages, claims, losses, etc. of/to the exhibitors, their guests, personal property and his/her entries.

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