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Until Midnight is freelancing by Elektra Hammond.

I'm a computer programmer who began my freelancing career in the late 90s, entering the back end of the world of publishing by proofreading part-time for Baen Books. When I realized how much I enjoyed working in the publishing industry, I embarked on an intensive educational program to brush up old skills and expand my abilities into both copyediting and working electronically. The result found me working in fiction and non-fiction, for large press as well as small press and magazines.

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My career has continued to grow, encompassing magazine articles, book reviews and short fiction. I am the official book reviewer for the TICA Trend, the official magazine of The International Cat Association (TICA).

I live in Delaware with my husband, Mike, and the twenty-some cats of BlueBlaze cattery. When I'm not freelancing, I travel the world judging TICA cat shows.


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The Until Midnight logo was created by noted artist and illustrator Hannah M.G. Shapero.

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4 April 2011
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