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St Patrick's Feline Follies
20 & 21 March 2010

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Exhibitor Name
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Benching Request
(One name only, please)

Fee must be sent within 48 hours of entering
Show Rule 24.3:
Each entry shall be accompanied by the published fee.

Super Special - Payment must be received by 8 February 2010
2 shows/3 cats/2 days @ $360
       includes catalog & extra half cage
       (March 20 & 21 ~ April 24 & 25)

Early Bird Entries - Payment must be received by 1 February 2010
First 2-day Entry @ $70 (Includes catalog)
Second 2-day entry @ $65
Three Cats/2-day Special (same owner) includes extra 1/2 cage & catalog @ $190

Regular Entries - Must be received by 15 March 2010 or when FULL
First Entry @ $75 (Includes catalog)
Second 2-day entry @ $70
Three Cats/2-day Special (same owner) includes extra 1/2 cage & catalog @ $210
Fourth and additional 2-day entries @ $50
First 1-Day Entry @ $40
Second and additional 1-Day Entries @ $35
Three Cats/1-day Special (same owner) includes extra 1/2 cage & catalog @ $110

VETERANS' SPECIALS - For cats 7 years and older
Fun Ring for cats & alters 7 years & older ~
      will be judged in multiple rings on both days
      includes extra 1/2 cage @ $5
Special Veterans' Discount
      Enter any Veteran (7 years old or older) in any class for the entire 2-day show and subtract $15 from the cost of their entry (HHPs included)

Extra Catalog ($8 at the door) @ $6 each
Extra Half Cage (other half of full cage) @ $20 each
Grooming Space @ $35 each
End of Row @ $20
Free to handicapped exhibitors
Double Sales Cage (for non-exhibitors) @ $35 each
Substitution Fee @ $10
Marked Catalog (pdf format) sent via email @ $5
email to send catalog to       

ADVERTISING - All ads must be camera ready
Full Page Ad @ $60 each
Half Page Ad @ $30 each
Quarter Page Ad @ $15 each
Business Card Size Ad @ $5 each

Donation to Cats of the Endless Hills & Gold Coast Feline Fanciers (Thank You very much !!)

Donation to Mid-Atlantic Regional Fund (Thank You very much !!)


***I plan to pay with PayPal***
    ~  PayPal id:   
    ~  (PayPal id is for Entry Clerk reference purposes ONLY)

          I understand that I will be responsible for payment of
          double cage space

Make checks payable to Cats of the Endless Hills
Mail Payment to: Cheryl Leigh Chamberlin, 1512 Berkeley Place, Willow Grove, PA 19090

Please submit an entry form for each entry.
NOTE: We will call collect (if necessary) to clear up any questions regarding your entry.
A fee of $25 will be charged on all checks returned for any reason.

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Available to Clerk     
                    Clerk's Name    

       Preferred Judges -- Saturday (not guaranteed):
       Frances Yow      Carol Barton      Elektra Hammmond     
                           Michael Hammond      John Creech      Jay Bangle    

       Preferred Judges -- Sunday (not guaranteed):
       Marilyne Gregg-Dombroskie      Carol Barton      Alberto Leal    
                           Paul Lahey      Lisa Dickie     

Available to Steward   
                    Steward's Name   

Note to the Entry Clerk

Fee must be sent within 48 hours of entering

Submission of this summary sheet via email constitutes an explicit agreement with the following:

I hereby enter the my cats at my own risk, subject to the conditions in the Show Rules of
and agree to abide by the rulings of the Show Committee.

an understanding that I am responsible for all entry fees specified here.


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